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Hi! I'm Everett Bogue. I'm a writer who blogs about applying minimalism in order to live and work from anywhere at Far Beyond The Stars. I'm the author of two e-books, The Art of Being Minimalist and Minimalist Business.

Here's the brief story of what I've been up to. If you want to learn more, definitely check out my blog or give my e-books a read.

In July of 2009 I was fed up with working 40-50 hours a week at my day job, so I quit without much of a plan with only $3,000 in the bank and jumped on a plane to Portland, Oregon.

Everyone said I'd starve, but instead I thrived. I adopted a minimalist lifestyle, and discovered that a little can go a long way, if you choose to live the right way.


Buying things won't make you happy.

You've been brainwashed into thinking that another gadget or knickknack will make your life better. It won't. 50 years of a television dominated society has left us confused and hurting. We don't have to live like this, there is another way.

Here are a few things I've accomplished since adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

  • I learned to live with less than 57 things.
  • I discovered that living without a car is the best financial move you can make.
  • I learned how to live and work from anywhere in the world.
  • I lived in four major US cities in one year. Portland, OR. Brooklyn, NY. Chicago, IL. and Oakland, CA.
  • I learned the secrets to working less than 10 hours a week.
  • I wrote two bestselling e-books on minimalism, The Art of Being Minimalist and Minimalist Business.
  • I built my blog to 6,000+ subscribers and 70,000 visitors a month.
  • and now I want to teach you too...

I've been interviewed dozens of times over the last year about my story. Here are a few highlights:

Interview with Tyler Tervooren of Advanced Riskology on embracing a minimalist lifestyle.
Interview with Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens about pursuing a minimalist life.
Video Interview with Sam Spurlin about how I grew my blog and minimalist living.
Interview with BlogCastFM about how I make a living from my minimalist business.
Interview with C. J. Anyasor on living minimalist in order to achieve more.

I hope you're interested in discovering how living a minimalist life can make your life more livable, so you can achieve your dreams, and maybe even learn how to live and work from anywhere.

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